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The Travel Corporation owns 30 travel brands including tour operators, hotels, and transportation companies. It operates in 70 countries and has 40 offices around the world and serves 1.9 million travelers annually.The company operates a non-profit affiliate, the TreadRight Foundation, which oversees projects supporting sustainable tourism in various locations around the world. The company is wholly owned by members of the Tollman family, four generations of which are actively involved with the business. The company traces its history to a small hotel outside Cape Town, South Africa in the early 1900s.

One employee shared this in a review, "This company, while it appears nice, is a travel mill, looking to hire young people, who are willing to work for peanuts and work hard for them. Quanity not quality should be the slogan. If you are over 50, forget it, they may hire you so that they don't have issues with the EEOC, but they will grind you and spit you out, like a piece of gristle from a Sizzler steak."


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Evol Jamieson says

"Buyer Beware! We are a group of 4 who booked a 17 day China tour for departure 14 July, 2020. A total deposit of $4,448.75 was duly paid in Nov. 2019, As early as January, 2020 we queried whether the trip would go ahead due to Covid 19. Inspiring Vacations policy was to deal with the tours with earlier departure dates and we asked to be patient until further notice. Subsequently we were given a "take it or leave it offer" totalling $596, with no alternative tour offer whatsoever. This supposedly being due to the liquidation of the Chinese tour operater, We were not given any proof that the tour had in fact been booked. A very unsatisfactory outcome indeed! Evol Jamieson,"

Nik Phillips says

"Understandably Inspiring Vacations cancelled our October 2020 trip to China. But we paid them $2600 deposit in November 2019 and they are only offering $720 credit or refund. Will never trust them again."

Barry Robinson says

"manner of handling refunds on cancelled tours re covid-19"

Joanne Rundell says

"We booked a 17 day tour to China for July 14th. The first email that we received from IV, dated January 30th basically advised us to either cancel and cop a hefty cancellation fee or wait for the next email update in about a month's time. That next email said that while they were focusing on tours leaving sooner than ours, we were still advised sit tight and wait for another update! The next updates said that IV have suspended all tours upto April 30th, and then June 30th. Our last email dated April 30th, stated that our funds went towards Travel Asia, now in liquidation. We have contacted the liquidator and they don't appear to have our funds, stating that our funds in fact are with IV. Very poor communication from IV, but hopefully we get more of a chance of a better refund."

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